Friday, December 10, 2010

Why Esther Follows!!!! A MUST READ!!! WOW!

The word says, "Out of the mouth of babies... "

Why do I follow?

Many people say that He doesn't exist. Many people say that he is a figment of our imagination, and that He is a myth created by an individual who had nothing better to do with his life then to make false statements; eventually leading to a huge spectacle. His name is known to all mankind, and His actions speak volumes that capture, motivate and inspire people. He's the definition of beauty both inside and out. His name is God, and I say, "He does exist"; there are many reasons why I follow him.

I follow him because He is selfless. Despite the fact that we were covered in sin, that we still commit sin and continuously rebell against Him He still finds it in Him to tend to our every need, whenever we ask for it. He has committed to be there for us, to help us, and to be that shoulder to cry on whenever our struggles become so complex that we don't even know how to handle it. He even sent His only son on earth, using him as the ultimate sacrifice to rebirth us again and remove us of all sin. 

I follow Him because he is our creator. He shaped and made us; He is the reason that we exist on earth and the reason why we breathe. Without him, we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't be able to encounter loved ones; the family that we have today. We wouldn't be able to shop, as we love to do so much in this generation. We wouldn't be able to watch TV or go on Facebook, or use cell phones, or to travel… nothing. We would be nothing without him. I follow him because thanks to him I am something. I'm a person with emotions and feelings, and a heart with the motivation to make a difference in the world. I aim to speak for those that don't recognize how beautiful and inspiring He is.

I follow Him because he protects, guides and leads me through the struggles and turning points of life. I'm not going to lie, living life is hard, especially when you're a teenager which I am. Your forced to deal with the pressure of being like everyone else. Nowadays, you have to dress a certain way and do certain things to get a boy to look at you, nowadays you're constantly exposed to things like sex, teen pregnancies, drugs and vulgarity. Gone are the days where men used to be gentlemen and focus on a girl's personality instead of focusing on her body. Gone are the days where there was some level of respect.  Now all we ever do is disrespect ourselves, and each other; swearing at others, acting out, using violence to solve a situation, instead of trying to reason with each other to find a common ground. I sin, I make mistakes, I find myself in tough situations, and I even turn my back on Him sometimes, but despite all that He still keeps me alive on this earth; God still holds hope for me. He still listens when I'm ready to talk, still holds my hand through it all.

I follow Him because He is worthy of being followed. He's my friend when I don't have any. he's my strength when I am weak. He is my cure when I am sick. He has the answers to all my questions. He's the air that I breathe. He's responsible for all the good in my life and all the good waiting for me in the future and he is the reason that my head stays high when troubles come my way. He is my success, my accomplishment. He deserves to be adored, praised, acknowledged for the good that he does in not just my life, but for the lives of people I love and care about, everyone!

I follow Him because of his heart. He's so loving, and gentle, and kind, and that it's overwhelming to even talk about. Despite the angry words we say about Him, or the countless times that we sin or cause harm to others He loves us. We don’t only cause harm to ourselves, but we do so to others, but He still finds it in him to forgive us; He still finds it in him to love us. There is no other person in the world that can love us as much as he does. He sees us all as equals, and loves us all equally whether we are criminals, pastors, prostitutes or druggies. We are all the same in his eyes. He would never abandon us.

Following Him is a choice that I never regret making. Yes, sometimes I wish I could go out partying every night, and acting out like teenagers do on a Friday night. Yes, sometimes I wish I could just give in to my temptations, but what good will that do? Where will it get me? I’d end up suffering in hell, paying for all the sins that I have committed; rendering me powerless in the hands of a Devil that has no sympathy for me. The devil doesn't care for me, and he gains pleasure from my suffering? I don't want that.

I follow Him because I know that there is a place waiting for me; beautiful, heavenly perfection in all ways, as is the creator and ruler of that place. Following Him leads to bliss, an eternal life of happiness, and perfection. For that I will continue to follow Him; I will follow Him for the rest of my life. For I will continue to grow in him, love him, and adore him. I will succeed, I will get to heaven, and not anything or anyone can stop me.

For I have the most untouchable, magnificent person on my side, and because of that I am untouchable.  Follow him, accept him. Recognize him for what he is, for what he has done for you; for the things he will do for you if you turn to Him.

You won't regret it.
Esther Baka


  1. Wow i really like this esther.. he is the reason for everything here today. keep it up and i am so glad that you have decided to be different than other people your age. i love you and stay blessed! ♥

  2. Dear Esther, this article is beautiful. The strengh and conviction in your words touch my heart. We all need to sit down and really identify why we follow. Sometimes, we as Christians profess that we follow christ because He blesses us. But more often than not, our limited concept of "blessing" makes no mention of the very point you express in your article. It's much deeper. Thank you for sharing this...

    God bless you!