Why ifollowilead.com??

Why "ifollowilead.com" you ask?? Well.. It's simple in order to lead anyone in anything you need to do so in integrity. You need to have followed in some capacity at some point. Great leaders are often people who have lived in the shoes of those who they are leading. A great leader can speak to people's situations in truth and in uprightness, and in order to do so that leader needs to empathize with his/her flock. Jesus Christ is, was and always will be the most unbelievable leader that the world has ever or will ever have the chance of knowing because he was bruised, flogged, spat on, mocked and ultimately murdered for our iniquity. He was one of us, and went through all that we are going through. He led not by mere speech, but by a lifestyle that was selfless, righteous, connected to the spirit of God and entrenched in an acute sense of self. Acute sense of self??? Yeah he knew who he was, and this was His rite of passage into leadership. He knew what he was called to do, and in love, passion and authority he carried out His life's task, and has been the world's most influential leader ever since. Will you follow His lead? Will you learn how to walk in that type of authority? Do you know who you are, and why you're here? Can you really lead? If you're answer is yes, let's talk about how well WE know how to FOLLOW? I follow Christ so that I can Lead in Power, Excellence and Righteousness!

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