About Me..

My name is Thomas Anthony Cumberbatch.. I'm a regular dude; I work in a sports supplements shop, and have a passion for my God, my family, my lady, and football. I believe and live out the word of God as a lifestyle, and am truly inspired by every one of God's divine utterances. I hate religion (its dead).. I love God (He's ALIIIIVE!) and have an unquenchable desire to proclaim His glory to the nations! Be Blessed and DO Wurk in Jesus' name!

I live in Ottawa Canada where I work, and serve as a co-youth leader at my church. I played 5 years of university football at Bishops University where I earned a degree in English and a minor in Business and in Film. Football is and was a passion for me although I am not playing at the moment. Upon graduating from Bishops I signed a contract to play in the AFL (Arena Football League) in the Chicago area, but was released after training camp. I returned to Ottawa where I reside at this present time.

I wanted nothing more than to play professional football, but I realized that football had become a God (an idol) in my life. I had allowed it to consume so much of my life, sacrificing so much of my time and mental energy; pulling me away from friends and family. Football is an amazing sport, and is not bad in any way, but my approach to the game was immature and detrimental to my development as a human being overall. You never know, I may play again someday but for now I've made football my Isaac (read Genesis 22 1-19). When I came upon the realization that football had taken the position of God in my life, I began to seek after my creator, and He revealed Himself to me in ways that are unimaginable. Sometimes God has to allow things to be taken away from you, or he allows us to be unsuccessful in order to teach us a lesson that he could not teach us while we were preoccupied. God ain't dead yall... You just need to spend time with Him and build a relationship with Him. Relationship has very little to do with religion. Religion is a dead thing because religion has no heart. Religion is faith minus communion or fellowship with God, therefore its stinkin dead. A relationship with God is intimate and spiritual and in that relationship God will reveal to us who we are, and why we were placed on this planet.

Enough about me...

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God is good!
Be blessed!