Thursday, September 30, 2010


Why Would Christ Come Back to Marry a Nasty Bride???
I can already see your face... You're eyes are really small, your shaking your head in bewilderment, your mouth is slightly opened wondering "what kind of title is this??" Hahahahhaha Lets get it yall!

The answer to this question is short, simple and comforting if you are a person like me (really not perfect in ANY way)... The answer is that, 


The Bible says that Christ is the church's husband, or bridegroom and that the church is His wife, or bride. What does this mean?? Well.. Christ was ransomed for OUR sin. Before walking under the dispensation of grace (the grace that we received as a result of salvation) man was considered by God as a generation/people of sin. Our nature because of the fall of Adam was sin, and we as human beings were defined by that.. sin. Christ bought humanity for a price.. HIS LIFE, and after that purchase (that transaction) was approved by God humans were no longer defined by sin. Yes, we still sin. Are we still sinners?? No. Some of you are already disagreeing with me... just hear me out.

If I play professional football and people ask who is he? They'll say, He's a football player". Tell me something.. Who was Michael Jackson? A singer right.. Who is Denzel Washington? An actor right..Who is David Beckham? A soccer player right.. If someone asked God in the days of Elijah (pre- cross), "Who are those human beings, who are those people down there on earth, God would tell them those people down there.. huh.. "THEY'RE SINNERS". This is why God allowed Jesus to come to earth and pay for our salvation with His life. Jesus needed to first teach us the kingdom of heaven, and point out all of the things that were partitioning us and God. He then had to DIE A BRUTAL DEATH  so that we could be drunkards, fornicators, hypocrites, murderers and drug dealers, while still maintaining God's love, mercy and grace. The funny thing is that the prophets and Godly Kings of old were living on the earth and knew that humanity was completely absorbed and engulfed with the weight of sin. King David in wisdom and understanding said in Psalm 25:8,
"Good and upright is the LORD; therefore he instructs sinners in his ways." 

This verse says that "he instructs sinners in his ways." Has he not instructed you? Me? Them? When this was written Jesus was hundreds of years away. Christ had not yet bought humanity, therefore all who God "instructed" can be categorized as sinners... "..he instructs sinners in his ways." He instructs who?? "SINNERS in his ways". God was instructing ALL of humanity in his ways, therefore EVERYBODY WAS UNDER THE MANTLE OF SIN. When Jesus came to earth and died in order to purchase the fate of His people (humanity) we received a gift from Him called grace, and THIS GRACE HAS OVERRIDDEN THE DEFINING TAG OF SIN. WE ARE NO LONGER SINNERS, ALTHOUGH AT TIMES WE STILL SIN. 

Another verse for your personal reflection is
Numbers 32:14...

"And here you are, a brood of sinners, standing in the place of your fathers and making the LORD even more angry with Israel.

I will say though that whether you believe in this or not, we only receive the absolute gift of salvation (freedom from sin and the removal of the sinner tag) by giving our lives wholeheartedly to Jesus Christ. Why?? Cause He died for His BRIDE! If you want to live in His freedom (Grace, peace salvation) you need to be willing to marry Him. Marrying Him means becoming one with his ways, decrees and His heart. We need to ask Him to come into our hearts, lives and spirits and overhaul it. God is really good yall! Trust that turning away from the life that you are so discontented with will be the best thing that you ever can/will/will-have ever decided to do!

If you want to marry Jesus today because you know you are not one with Him, and that you are not free from sin, pray with big "T" 4 a quick moment....

"GOD.. I need you. I want you. I want to know you in a way that no man or woman can ever tell me that I need to know you. I want to live for you, because you hold the keys to my identity. I want to see your reality. I believe that you are real, but I want you to show me that you are real. Heal my heart God, and forgive me for my sinful ways. I'm begging you God.. REMOVE THE TAG of SINNER from my life and allow me to be one with you and your freedom. I don't know how to serve you on my own, so please teach me how to serve you. Help me to understand what you have written in the Holy Bible, and help me to actually live it. Thank you for saving me God... Thank you for allowing me to marry you. I love you. 

Your friend...

If you prayed this prayer just continue to talk to God in your own way, on your own terms and He'll speak to you in so many ways. You are no longer a sinner.. but simply a child of God who is still a lil rough around the edges. 

BE BLEssED AbunDantlY!!! 


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